Transform Your Franchise Sales and Marketing Process with the CRM Software your team will LOVE. 

Oh yeah, and it's Free, 100% Free. 


So What Make the Hubspot CRM So Different? 

  • In Sync With Today's Franchise Sales and Marketing Process
  • Always Working Behind the Scenes
  • Minutes to Learn, Not Months


All-in-One at a GlanceHubspot CRM for franchise systems 1

Control your franchise content, marketing channels and franchise performance while getting a 360 degree view of the people who matter most to your franchise from your dashboard.

hubspot crm for franchise systems 2

Custom Views

Add custom fields, filter records, select and organize columns, save views of your franchise marketing or franchisee performance. 




Deal & Task Board

Coordinate franchise development deals with your marketing efforts by dragging deals from stage to stage as they go deeper through the funnel. Learn More




In Sync with Hubspot Franchise Marketing 

HubSpot CRM is closely integrated with the HubSpot Marketing and Sales Platform. Effortlessly capture, score, and hand off leads to your franchise sales team



Connect with Franchise Leads

When the time comes to connect with your leads and prospects, HubSpot CRM makes it easy. Work from your inbox or send emails, place calls (upgraded feature), and schedule meetings from any contact's record.



In Sync with Today's Franchise Sales Process

Today, a typical franchise sales process happens across dozens of channels and thousands of touch points. HubSpot CRM is aware of it all, giving you useful bits of information when and where you need it. Learn More.



Easily Find New Franchise Prospects

Browse and filter through a database of millions of companies to find new prospects. Easily sort by dozens of different characteristics like company size, location, industry, and revenue. Surface warm prospects who have visited your website (upgraded feature), even if they've never filled out a form.

hubspot_crm_for_franchise_systems_9.pngWorks seamlessly with Sidekick for Business

HubSpot CRM works seamlessly with the HubSpot Sales Products and the HubSpot Marketing Platform.




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