Custom HubSpot COS Design Services

HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS) not only allows you to create email content, landing pages, blogs and websites, but it also works alongside your inbound marketing techniques. It removes the hassle of patching together lots of different tools and provides you with a first-of-a-kind platform that allows you to create, market and analyze everything from one central system.

HubSpot COS – Why Choose It?

This innovative COS is mobile-responsive, SEO optimized and allows you to track the performance of your business and your competitors. It is these features that help you to create a website design that is in-line with what your visitors are looking for. This personalization offers added value to your site, thus increasing the number of leads generated from your visitors. It then turns these leads into customers.

With HubSpot’s COS, everything is simplified. It reduces the marketing efforts required, it reduces the time taken to convert a sale, and it does this by providing relevant content to your visitors at the optimum time.

Why Should You Choose a HubSpot COS-Certified Agency?

The COS HubSpot provides isn’t a free platform, unlike many other CMS’s out there, with prices starting at $200 per month. This can add to the costs involved in making a website, both for users and developers.

These charges and the certification program HubSpot utilizes will remove any would-be agencies or developers that aren’t committed to creating an outstanding platform.

Therefore, choosing a COS-certified agency means you’re hiring a team who is dedicated to providing exceptional web design. These guys live for inbound marketing and they know exactly what they’re doing, giving you reassurance that you’re hiring the best of the best.

If you’re committed to paying for a new website on HubSpot’s system, you deserve a team that’s committed to getting the most out of it, and that’s what you’ll get with a certified COS development team.

Psssst….did you know that MarketLoyal is COS-certified?

What Are the Costs of Building a COS Website From Scratch?

Our pricing will vary depending on the project size, what’s involved and the number of variables that are to be included. Below are some key variables:

  • What deadline you’re working to.
  • The monthly fees for the HubSpot COS package required (you don’t need external hosting).
  • The amount of posts, pages and content you need producing.
  • What functionality the website needs to have.
  • How many page templates need creating.
  • Whether you also require additional features, such as video creation, emails, landing pages and so on.

How Long Will It Take?

We normally allow 6 to 12 weeks for a project to be completed, especially if the feedback and content we receive from you are sent promptly. We’ll agree on a timeframe with you at the start and will always strive to get things done in this allocated time.

When Can We Start?

We’ve been working hard with HubSpot and have been building websites using their new COS for a while now, which means we’ve got what it takes to make the most out of this exceptional new system.

We can help:

  • If you’ve just signed up to HubSpot and have the new COS by default. We’ll help to create the design of your website and all of the templates it requires and will feature these alongside all of the necessary marketing tools you need, e.g. blogs, emails and landing pages.
  • If you’re a long-standing customer with HubSpot and you want to create a new design with their COS. We’ll carry out all of the above features for you; all you need to do is contact HubSpot to get the COS ungated in your portal.
  • If you like the website you currently have but it’s running on a classic CMS. We can transfer you across to the new COS with ease.

If a custom HubSpot COS Design is just what you’re looking for, we’re waiting to hear from you! Our team of industry professionals includes inbound marketing professionals, coders, web developers, graphic designers and more, who will help to create an outstanding website design that’s fully optimized and personalized to your visitors.

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