What Is Website Development?

Good website development is the foundation of your online business. It is the structure upon which your entire site rests – pages, images, blogs, forms, menus, etc. Without solid website development, the way your entire site looks and works will suffer.

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How Does It Work?

Website development is what makes your website function. Behind those fancy buttons you can click on, those forms customers can fill out to contact you, the way those images are sized and placed on the page just so, and a hundred other tiny details, are web programming languages -- code. HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript are all types of code that web developers (also called programmers) use to build sites and web applications from the ground up, according to About Tech blogger Jennifer Kyrnin.

The raw code is written in various files that are stored on a server. When you access a website, your browser retrieves the files from the server, reads the code, and translates it into the finished website you see on your screen.

Web Development vs. Design

People often get web development and web design mixed up. While both web developers and designers need to understand many of the same principles, each job addresses very different aspects of website creation.

To use a car analogy, web development is what’s under the hood. Web design, on the other hand, is the exterior – it’s the paint and decoration. Web design is the look and feel of your site, including colors, fonts, graphics, organization, and image placement. It’s what the customers interact with. What makes a beautiful design exceptional, however, is the underlying web development, because this puts the entire design together and makes it work.

In a nutshell, website development is an incredibly important, foundational aspect of your online business. Check out Market Loyal for help with all of your Wordpress or Hubspot COS development needs.


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